Monday, 27 January 2014

Ring Haul

I recently acquired some new rings to add to my ever growing collection of them, I seriously have so many that I could probably set up a shop and sell only the rings I have right now for the rest of eternity- of course that's an exaggeration but you get it , I have a lot. I got these on the same day as I got the things that I mentioned in my beauty haul. These are the newest babies to join my finger family.

This is a midi ring but i don't like putting it on any fingers other than my pinkie

Sorry about the finger fat in this one, i decided to get a small ring instead of a medium as i thought it would fit good when i was in the shop but it doesn't :( I really do hate the way shops package rings.

Again, a midi ring i decided didn't look right on other fingers.

And that's them all! I didn't get many this time as i was trying to control myself. All these rings are from NewLook.

Until next time my lovelies
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