Sunday, 5 January 2014

EcoTools six piece bamboo brush set review.

I revieved this lovely brush set for christmas this year and I have to say, I love them! For such
cheap set (I got them for £12.69 on amazon, $20.83 ), these brushes are of amazing quality Included in this set are five beautiful, shedless brushes and a canvas bag for storing them in. These brushes are by far my new favourites and were perfect to add to my ever growing makeup brush collection.

These brushes come in a cute canvas bag to store them in when they aren't being used, perfect for travelling! There are two compartments in the bag, one is a clear compartment sealed by zip and the other us a simple pocket located at the bag of the bag which can be fastened with a button.

The brushes:

Blush brush:

The biggest brush in this set is the blush brush. This brush is the perfect size for the apples of your cheeks and hasn't shed once! I am a huge fan of this brush, it picks up the right amount of product and evenly distributes it and oh my gosh it has to be the softest brush on this earth! Amazing quality! I feel like these brushes are up there with Sigma on quality terms and for a fraction of the cost!

Concealer brush

I use this brush to apply my cream concealer. If you pat this brush on blemishes it works really  well and it is now a part of my everyday makeup routine. This brush does its job and conceals brushes nicely.

The eyeshadow brush

I personally am not a huge fan of this brush, although it is a good quality brush i feel like it is too stiff for applying eyeshadow to the lid. It is good for under the eyes though!

Eyeliner brush

I used this brush in my How to do winged eyeliner tutorial and there is only one word to describe them, AMAZING, by far my favorite brush in this set (maybe thats because i have an obsession with eyeliner?). It's stiff enough do its job right but not stiff enough to be scratchy and uncomfortable and it is the perfect thickness and length.

The lash and brow groomer

The brow part of this tool is so soft and gentle compared to my last one and the lash part looks lashes look amazing.

Overall i am in love with this brush set and would 100% recomend these brushes and they're eco friendly too!

Until next time my lovelys
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