Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Cartilage Piercing Experience

I decided to make a post about something random- my first cartilage piercing, why? Because in the months leading up to getting my cartilage pierced I scoured the web for anything I could find about the piercing before I got it, and I wanted to tell would be piercing owners about my experience of getting my cartilage pierced before they commit to one themselves. 

First off, I got mine pierced with a gun - something I wouldn't recommend you doing but it was half the price of getting it done with the needle and my piercer seemed to be all for the gun.
I feel like getting it done with a gun lead to the lengthy healing process I had to indure. One year, two months on my ear is still slightly sore to touch and unhealed.
The initial pain of the piercing is about a three on a one to ten scale, ten being the soreist but it stings constantly for about a day and sleeping on it is impossiable. After about two months I started to get a bump on my piercing but with a simple sea salt soak twice a day it started to go down after about a month. 
The lengthy healing time and the bump were the only problems I experienced with my piercing but it was one hundred percent wort it.
For my birthday in june I am planning on getting a second just above my existing one and would tell anyone who seriously wabts the piercing and doesnt mind cleaning it everyday (this is what I did badly and is probably why its taking so long to heal) to go for it! It isn't too sore but it is beyond beautiful or at least I think so.

Until next time my lovelys
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